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Nov 2013 Building Your Brand- April 2016

Nov 2013 What Every Small Business
Should Know
- March 2016

Nov 2013 Resource Heroes - February 2016

New Business Minnesota is a unique publication designed to deliver information about essential resources to every startup business at a time when they are most in need and most receptive – during the first five months after registering with the state.

Every month 8,000 entrepreneurs receive New Business Minnesota and its custom content targeting the needs of early startup businesses

What you'll find in
New Business Minnesota

Essential Reading – Twin Cities Business Newspapers, Magazines, Web Sites. They're not all the same. Which should you read?

What to Join – Chambers of Commerce that are eager to welcome startups. What they have to offer. Startup friendly associations.

Networking – Great places to meet new customers, new resources, kindred spirits and mentors.

Showing Off – Where to get a booth to show what you got.
Relationship Banking – Top Startup Friendly Banks, Credit Unions, ones that really want to reach out and help.

Looking Large – Small Businesses don't have to look that way: Design, printing, brochures, public relations, web design.

Taking the Numb
out of Numbers

Accountants you can count on and who eagerly embrace startups.

Finding Customers – Direct mail, advertising, telemarketing, sales help. This is what it's all about.

Landing More Sales Workshop
October 2015


Money: Unexpected Sources Workshop
July 2015



What Every
Small Business
Should Know

A brief compendium of advice from
New Business Minnesota's
Small Business Board of Advisors.
Don't Risk Not Reading This!


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